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ClearHead Mama Cap

ClearHead Mama Cap

  • Shock Absorbing
  • Plantar Fasciiti Relief
  • Cloud-Like Comfort
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Headache Relief That Won’t Hurt Your Baby

  • 🔘 Safe for pregnancy — Drug free

  • 🔘 Stays cold for 1 hour

  • 🔘 Blocks out light for a faster relief

  • 🔘 One size fits all

  • Don't Risk Taking Tylenol While Pregnant

  • The ClearHead Mama Cap guarantees headache relief for pregnant women WITHOUT the use medication thanks to its

  • 🔘 Compression therapy & gel inserts — relieves blood vessels.

  • 🔘 Total black out fabric – allows for maximum relaxation.

  • You don't have to risk taking headache meds while pregnant...
  • Quick Relief In 3 Easy steps

    Keep it in the freezer for cold therapy or microwave (for 15 seconds) for hot therapy

     Wear over your entire face to block out light or wear on forehead only

     Experience instant relief – or your money back!

    Comfortable & One Size Fits All

  • The ClearHead Mama Cap is one size its all...

  • It stays cool (or hot) for up to 1 hour, which is perfect for putting you to sleep if headaches are keeping you awake…

  • Still not sure if you'll like it?

  • Try it out for yourself for 30 days and see what other pregnant women have been raving about


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How long does it stay hot or cold?

    A: The ClearHead Mama Cap will provide up to 1 hour of cold or hot compression therapy.


    Q: How long does it take to cool or heat?

    A: For cold: Simply keep the cap in your freezer for convenient relief. It typically takes a minimum of 1 hour in the freezer to reach your desired temperature.

    For hot: Microwave for 15-30 seconds and you'll have instant heat therapy.


    Q: Does it still work as well if you don't wear it over your eyes?

    A: Yes, our ClearHead Mama Cap will work as well if you do not wear it over your eyes.

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    How long will it take for my order to arrive?

    All orders are dispatched from our warehouse within 1 business day and sent with a tracking number so you can track your order.

    Shipping times vary by country. Please allow 3-7 business days in the US and 2-3 weeks internationally.

    Our support team is available 7 days a week and will be happy to answer any questions - please feel free to contact us.

    You can track your package on our tracking page with your tracking number

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