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How It Relieves Pain For Wide Calf Nurses

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1) Designed for bigger calves

Our compressions sock's non-slip cuffs ensures that they won't slide or cut into your legs unlike normal compression socks...

We also offer different sizes starting from 2XL (16" calves) up to 4XL (25" calves) to provide the perfect fit for plus sized calves

2) Advanced compression technology specifically made for nurses

Standing AND sitting for prolonged periods of time forces blood to "pool" in your veins... 

Especially for wide calves...

Blood pooling causes:

Leg pain
Foot swelling
"Pins & needles" sensation in your feet
Stabbing sharp heel pain

Which is why we designed our socks to provide 30 mmHg at the ankle with a gradual decrease to 20 mmHg at the calf.

That means more pressure further away from the heart. And less pressure as you get closer to the heart.

This creates a supportive upwards path for blood to flow against gravity...


So when blood reaches your feet, our socks effortlessly pumps it back to your heart!